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Cleaning the Oceans - Kinship Skincare

About Kinship: Kinship is a NEW, accessible, science-led skincare + wellness DTC brand with high-performance, clean, conscious, cruelty-free products for all well-beings.

Clean, high performance, and accessible for ALL well-beings. (The price point ranges from $18-$25.)

Kinbiome™– a proprietary plant-based microbiome technology derived from the fermentation of lactobacillus (probiotic) that supports a healthy skin barrier.  We formulated the Kinbiome™ to become your skin’s support system and put it in every product to make a HUGE impact on how your face looks, feels + behaves.   

Sustainability: Kinship is the first CLEAN skincare brand in the US to use Ocean Waste Plastic.  Kinship has eliminated 1.5 tons of plastic from the oceans, and they are just getting started. One of the ways they are helping to minimize plastic pollution is by using post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and ocean waste plastic (OWP) in all of their packaging.

Available at

Learn how Kinship teams with OWP in video below:

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