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Dom Dean - Illustrator Fairytale Baddie

Interview by: Mattie Gonzales

We spoke with Dom Dean about art, thoughts on creative mindset during COVID and what they plan to do next with their illustrative talent.


What is your name? Tell us about YOU.

My name is Dom Dean and I’m an Afro Mexican non-binary queer artist(mouthful huh?). At 19 years old my goal as an artist is to be inclusive. I am currently searching for a tattoo apprenticeship and I want to tattoo all types of people of all skin tones as I am a queer poc artist myself. Hope u enjoy my work!!

What has been your mindset creatively and otherwise during COVID?

Safety is Uber important to me I still have to work. I wear a mask and I’m constantly washing my hands I don’t really get that much time so the little time I do have is very valuable. It has kept me hopeful for the future because I feel like I have a plan compared to earlier this year or even a couple months ago.

What does tattoo work mean to you?

Tattooing has always inspired me.

I love all the different types of cultures that have created the scene art is my passion and it’s amazing to see people wanting that on their bodies forever

Stay tuned with Dom via IG: Artsy.faartsy

check out Doms art shop:


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