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Kin Euphorics


What is Kin?

Kin is the world’s first euphoric: a non-alcoholic spirit that appeals to all your senses. Consciously crafted from adaptogens, nootropics, and botanic, euphorics enhance your mood, elevate your state of mind, and promote deeper connections with every soulful sip. By design, Kin offers the world an herb-based, mood-lifting alternative to alcohol for clear-headed bliss and a pleasure you won’t regret.

How do you define Euphorics?

Euphorics are an entirely new category of beverage--we liken it to brain candy for grown ups. In the context of a beverage, a euphoric is a sip-able blend of adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics that lifts the spirit and boosts the mood. As we sip, we center our minds in a new grounding ritual, relaxing the body and unlocking euphoros--or ​wellness within.

What are adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics?

Adaptogens​: Also known as herbal pharmaceuticals, adaptogens are herbs that stimulate the mind and help manage stress. Some adaptogens featured in our bliss formulas are: cortisol-balancing Rhodiola rosea and calming reishi mushroom.

Nootropics​: Supplements that enhance cognition. Some examples of nootropics in Kin:

● L-Tyrosine: increases dopamine and thus improves memory and behavior in stressful situations

● Phenylethylamine: gives you an overall sense of happiness and euphoria

● GABA: said to reduce physical signs of stress and anxiety

Botanics​: Antioxidant-rich plants that naturally balance flavor and boast immunity-boosting functions. Some examples of botanic that can be found in Kin are: hibiscus, gentian, licorice, oak, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and chili.

What are the different types of Kin, what do they do, and why?

High Rhode: Put the soul back in social. High Rhode is an herbaceous euphoric with a tart, floral finish that is meant to be mixed. Sip for a new take on nightlife.

Dream Light: Make sleep a celebration. Dream Light is an earthy, smoky, smoothly-spiced nightcap. Sip to close the night, drift to your deepest dreams, and rise ready for the day ahead.

Kin Spritz: Take the party with you. Kin Spritz is a sparkling euphoric pre-mixed with fresh citrus, hibiscus, and ginger. We did the work, so you can just grab and flow.

Who Founded Kin?

Jen Batchelor; ​Jen grew up in Saudi Arabia (where drinking is not legal) and has a background in Ayurvedic herbology and psychology.

When did Kin launch?


How much is a bottle of Kin?

High Rhode and Dream Light are $39 / bottle

Kin Spritz is sold in packs of 4 or more starting at $27

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