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Review and Photos by Mauricio O. Rocha

Fans braved freezing wind and frost to see the rapper and performance artist known as Tommy Cash perform live in Brooklyn on March 12, 2022. Hailing from Estonia, Cash raps raunchy lyrics in a multitude of languages and has an absurd, almost surreal sense of humor that has become his visual signature, has caused him explode to on the internet.

Tommy Cash stormed the stage and immediately commanded the crowd. Clad in a red tartan kilt, oversized graphic tee, hair in pigtail cornrows, black gloves, and bouncing like a freshly-lit Jumping Jack, he danced like the firework he is. Cash looked something like a punk-Viking with street credibility. In between songs he took the chance to tell all concertgoers get low and squat down, literally bringing everyone down to the ground. When two guests came in late, clearly not squatting, Cash asked, “Hey what the fuck did I tell you guys? “ The crowd laughed and proceeded to listen. When he said to turn up, the crowd danced and raved enthusiastically.

Cash was sassy and energetic as he made his way running around the stage. For his song “Racked” he had a mini-choreographed routine he did with his DJ and hype man, at moments you couldn’t tell if they were going to exchange blows or a kiss the way they gazed into each others' eyes. Other highlights from his recent Moneysutra EP included “Suri” and “Zuccenberg.” The DJ was spinning, and Cash was spitting on the mic’, making sure to motivate the crowd and unafraid to make jokes in between tracks.

His merchandise stand was very unique and fashion forward, although very expensive and impractical. It consisted of his designer collaborations with Maison Margiela and Rick Owens, with most of the merchandise like hoodies and T-shirts selling for over $120. Other random things for sale at his merch booth included $20 dry ramen that looked like Maruchan and cozy slippers that resembled like 2 baguettes of bread.

As this string of shows marks his first tour in in the United States, it was surly a memorable event. His set was the epitome of what the Tommy Cash brand has come to symbolize: humor, high-octane and high fashion.

The venue Elsewhere in general is a very relaxed and accepting atmosphere where all people are free to express themselves; whoever outrageous they see fit. All were dancing under the disco ball , and all were there for one reason: to have a good time. It felt very joyful as most felt thankful to experience live music together again; myself included.

One thing is for sure: Tommy Cash put on a great show, bringing the braggadocio bravado of a European rapper with all of the flair of someone who has jet-set around the world.

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